Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Caramel Apple (Dates version)

Caramel apples are prepared by dipping the apple in hot caramel and decorated by rolling it over nuts, raisins and whatever sweet things that comes to one's mind and is cooled to set. Caramel is prepared using brown sugar, heavy cream and butter. I wanted to try this with the dates dipping and so comes this post. Though we don't get a smooth silky texture like that of caramel, the taste of dates version is good.

Apple - 2
Wooden Skewer/Stick - 2
Dates - 10
Honey - 2 tbsp
Milk - 3 tbsp
Dark brown soft sugar (optional) - 2 tsp
Soak dates in warm water to make it soft and grind it to a paste by adding water/milk to it.
In a pan, heat sugar, add boiled milk and mix well.
Add the dates paste and cook till it leaves out the edges of the pan.
Add honey to this and mix well.
Wash and clean the apples, take off the stem. Insert a skewer or stick in the center of the apple.
Dip this apple in the hot dates dip, roll it, arrange it in a plate and cool in refrigerator for few minutes until the dip sets.
Otherwise, slice the apple, dip in the dates paste and enjoy eating ( I like it to eat this way as it is more easy)!

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